About Me

Hi there Fun~lovers!
First and foremost I am a lover of life and I truly believe that Life is Supposed to be FUN!

My soul purpose: "I am an inspiring supporter of change, empowering others to attract and live in Joy, Gratitude, and Abundance".

I have a passion for personal growth and development and empowering women to live their best life. I have always been interested in how and why we do the things we do and discovering how to change the patterns that do not assist or allow us to live amazing lives. I have been studying Law of Attraction for 12 years as well the teachings of many brilliant individuals. These teachings have helped me immensely in living an incredible and inspired life.

For many years I had felt that there was something more that I was called to do but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint or envision what that would look like. During that process I made major changes in my life, one of them being the sale of my Salon & Spa after 17 years of management and ownership. Then I began to study. I became a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and have done all kinds of design work and merchandising! All fun!

And on that journey of learning and recognizing my soul purpose, by discovering or uncovering my passions and gifts, I finally let go of the fear, self-doubt and indecision. For so long I was fearful of what people might think, who was I to teach or help others live a better life? I am not perfect, I have made and continue to make mistakes, I don’t have all the answers. But the reality is... Who does???  One thing I do have is a knowing that this is my soul purpose. I have “coached” women for many years without knowing I was doing so as I was just conversing and trying to help and uplift them. That is what I truly love doing and it brings me great joy to help those who are ready for change or transformation, as I was, and wanting more joy and fulfillment in their lives realize and live it.

I am the mother of two lovely Daughters, Tina and Jessica and four absolutely perfect and brilliant Granddaughter’s (of course they are ; ) ~  Lily 13, Dalaney 11, Kylee 9 and Avery almost 2.  And I can’t forget my two fabulous Sons-in-Law, Shawn and Jamie as well as amazing parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and friends. I am so blessed! .

I married my wonderful husband Jeremiah in 2010, and we live in Mound, Minnesota, which is the west end of the Twin Cities and beautiful Lake Minnetonka. He is a talented Chiropractor and has a lovely and successful practice in Delano. He and I are also the proud co-founders of Wear i Give . We launched our company in 2011 and sell awesome eco-friendly bracelets and charm beads, that let the world know you Care, Share and have something Cool to Wear! We donate the profits to charities that our customers get to choose! So FUN and rewarding!!

And to my husband Jeremiah a VERY special Thank-You! You are the one who inspires and supports me most, my darling partner, love, and best friend. I truly am living the dream sharing my life with you. 

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