Women's Inspiration & Rejuvenation Retreat

This FUN, inspiring, and relaxing event is designed for women who just need a little inspiration and "me" time! Our first event was held in October 2013 and was an awesome day all around!

Here are a few testimonials from the fall retreat:

"I attended the women's retreat in October of 2013, I found it to be a wonderful experience to come together with women from all backgrounds for a common cause... To refresh, renew and rejuvenate as women. All too often we, as women, lack time or effort to focus on ourselves as individuals. It was a great experience to take this opportunity to reflect on the visions that make us want to strive to be better Mothers, Friends, Wives, Co-workers.... Simply put, better for ourselves.  I have found that by taking time to focus on me, makes me that much better for the people I love". ~ Rachael

"I joined a group of women last fall for the rejuvenation retreat and came away refreshed, renewed and re-energized. Creating a tangible vision of how I would like to live my life is the best take away from this experience. I review my vision board and add things as I go along. I look forward to a follow up retreat to listen and share the accomplishments of all these lovely women. I highly recommend attending this retreat and giving yourself permission to indulge in a day just for you!" ~ Annemarie

 "The retreat was just what the doctor ordered.  A great big bunch of positive in one room!  Loved the energy everybody brought to the event and Tina and CJ did an awesome job fueling that energy all day.  I have my vision board in my office where I can see it every day.  So one day keeps on giving:)" ~ Judy

"I was very surprised when I hit the "send" button to attend Cj Staples Women's Retreat. This type of event is really  not my thing. I went with reservations thinking it would be a "let's talk about our feelings" and not relevant to my day to day life. I was surprised.

Cj had a fun and full day scheduled for us. First was Yoga. I had never tried yoga and now I am looking for yoga classes to attend. Next was a discussion on nutrition, wellness and overall well-being. It was apparent to me during this discussion the passion that Cj has for health and mental wellness. 

I believe Cj's approach to interpersonal skills will allow her to connect and relate in a meaningful way to help a great many individuals (like myself) looking for a jump start. I am preparing and eating food I have never tried before and I am learning Spanish. These items were on my to-do-list for years.

I guess the way I would describe the day is that I was being taught to inspire excitement and enthusiasm into my life" ~ Sue

                      A Wonderful group of ladies and their Vision Boards!

                                               Getting in touch with Nature!!

                                             Our "Yogi" Jen ~ Namaste`

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