Tuesday, September 13, 2016

As we were moving recently and I was busy packing boxes and purging all the stuff I had managed to collect, I walked through the garage and couldn't help but notice this butterfly on the floor. It seemed to be saying "Hello!, why don't you stop a sec and notice how spectacular I am?" And so I did just that. Of course I couldn't help myself as it literally stayed in that one spot showing off for me for at least 4 or 5 minutes much to my surprise. It would open it's wings, and then slowly close them, over and over. I then thanked him or her and said that I was indeed impressed as it flew off. It was a good reminder to just STOP for a moment and notice the beauty and life around me instead of running from here to there and feeling like it was never going to get done, because it does get done. Everything works out.... always!

How often in this busy world we live in, do we just stop and do nothing? If you are like most people, probably not often enough. We live in a culture of busy and we wear it as a badge of honor somehow and we say "I'm just too busy to _____" (do this thing I would love to do). We also may carry around old stories that just don't serve us well.  
As a young child I remember my loving, well meaning, very Catholic Grandma saying to me, "Idle hands are the devils workshop." Whoa!!! What. the. Helllll????!! It stuck with me and over the years that  quote would cross my mind and I would feel a mixture of guilt, discomfort, and disbelief. I am not certain of the gentleman who gave her those words of wisdom, yes it certainly had to be a man, either a priest or God himself, but whomever it was, let's just say there is a great big mountain of fear in that statement and it took years to sort all that out for myself. But that is another story for another time.

 May this beautiful butterfly be a reminder to you, as it was to me, to STOP, take a moment, and consciously do nothing but appreciate the beauty that is all around us! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get Happy Now!

I just love knowing that we can choose in any moment how we want to live. I posted this today on Facebook. I know there will be some who find it frustrating, irritating, or just ridiculous. That is perfectly ok and understandable. We all know life isn't always, do back flips and jump for joy easy, and sometimes we find ourselves feeling negative emotion about life or a situation that it seems will never feel better. That is contrast and it is necessary in life. If we didn't know sad, we wouldn't know happy. It is kind of like if you get really sick and you feel like sh#t, and when you finally feel better it feels really, really good. And some may experience depression or have a situation that makes it harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it is with great love that I share this post as an opportunity for hope even if things feel hopeless. It is what I have come to know and believe as I understand that everything is energy.

The beauty of understanding that we do have more control than we might believe, is that a shift in our thinking will change our energy, which will then change our outcomes, which will then elevate the level of happiness in our life experience, moment by moment, day by day. When you turn a negative thought into one that feels even a little bit better, and tell a better feeling story, you will start to feel the energy shift, and the mood lighten. It takes practice and intention. If you are up for it, set an intention, to pay attention to how you feel and care more about that than anything else, then notice how your life or mood feels lighter, even if only a little bit so.

 When thoughts and beliefs have, for a long time, been mostly focused on how difficult or awful things are, it takes more practice. It all comes down to belief. We are like magnets, and what we believe becomes our reality. It is a fundamental law of the universe. Beliefs are just thoughts that have been practiced for the longest. Consider practicing and shifting a belief you have held for long time, and notice what happens.

It is my intention that anyone who feels ready for more happiness and joy, will feel more hopeful, and perhaps want to try shifting their thoughts, little by little, even in the hardest of times.

May you feel Happy, Now!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Coaching

 Who, What, When, How?

I have been asked often to explain what exactly is life coaching anyway. So here it is from the perspective of my life coaching practice style.

We all want to live the best, most joyful, easy, purposeful, meaningful, abundant, and FUN life, right? That is what we are all here for! But life sometimes causes us to believe and live in ways that do not promote those values and we end up feeling stuck, unhappy, and/or unfulfilled. Then if we stay there long enough our relationships, our health, our feeling of freedom, and our overall joy and love of life loses some of its luster. We all have times or areas of our lives that we could certainly be experiencing in a more positive way.  

Much as an athletic coach assists their player to play their best game, a life coach assists you in living your best life by being your guide, your cheerleader, and your accountability partner. Coaching helps you gain focus and clarity in moving towards that which you most desire. Life coaching focuses on now and moving forward in the direction of your dreams, not back on where you’ve been.  Life coaching is NOT therapy or counseling, nor is it a casual conversation.

A coach does not tell you what to do. A coach guides and works with you, offering tools and suggestions to assist you in choosing what is best for you and what direction or action you feel inspired to take.  

Hiring someone is a powerful thing to do. When considering hiring a life coach, or any coach for that matter, ask yourself what it would be worth for you to define and realize your dream or that which you desire. What would, improving your current life situation, having more joy and ease, or defining and following through with a desire feel like? Maybe you just want help defining or clarifying exactly what it is you desire or what changes you wish to make in life.  There is incredible value in making a decision for yourself and your life. That is what a life coach is there to do, working together with you offering tools, support, clarity, and guidance.

WHO – Anyone who is FUN, open- minded, and has a desire for improvement in a specific area or just overall in life. Which, by the way, includes those of us who are life coaches, we too hire our own coaches to work with us.
WHAT –Life coaching is a powerful partnership to assist in growth, fulfillment, and living your best life.  
WHEN – Anytime life calls you to want to expand from where you currently are.
HOW – Go to my website: www.cjstaples.com and contact me for a complimentary 20 – 30-minute phone call to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit and would choose to work together.

P.S. … It is FUN to be a coach and to be coached!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Climb that Mountain!

The Backside... (of crossing the pass)!! 

My super amazing husband, Jeremiah and I just hiked the trail from Aspen to Crested Butte on Friday Sept. 11th. on our recent trip to Colorado to celebrate our 5th. Wedding Anniversary and my 55th Birthday.

What an amazing experience it was. And I didn't die! I thought I might as we were heading up the pass.... there is not much air up there ;) The elevation is around 12,500 ft. and we climbed approx. 3000 ft. and close to 12 miles.

This whole experience reaffirmed for me that we really can do SO much more than we think we can. I really wanted to do this hike and felt I was in decent shape to do so, I mean it wasn't Mt. Kilimanjaro or anything, but I had a small, but nagging fear that I would fall apart somehow mid-hike (well I did cry/fall apart once but that is another funny story).  I had been experiencing some hip pain for quite a while and of course as I tried to gear up for the hike prior to heading out there, it had been flaring more intensely than normal. I felt concerned as the day was fast approaching but was doing my best to focus and visualize a great hike and stop allowing the worry to creep in. And if worry did creep in I would focus and try to change the subject... Thank you Law of Attraction!

I will not say it was easy but I will say it was great! My hip was a non-issue pretty much and the main discomfort was the altitude and having to stop every 10 - 20 ft. as we approached the pass, to breathe. Once I relaxed with that, it became suddenly "doable" for me. I am grateful for the experience and hope to do something like it again sometime when as my friend said, like childbirth, I'd forget the pain! :D I believed I could do it, I just had to remove the fear as it came... kind of like it stepped in the path and I had to pick it up and set it aside. Our bodies are able to handle - no thrive - far more than we are taught to believe they can.

I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that frightens you or you think you aren't able to do and shift your thinking about it. Start to actually believe you can.  You will be amazed at what you can do!! No kidding. No matter your age or ability, once you move past a discomfort, and let go of old and untrue beliefs or fear that hold you back, you realize you really can do anything if you truly believe it.

I wish you many adventures!

And if I didn't mention it... Seriously... that was FUN!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recently on our yearly girls weekend "up north", we walked into a small bar & grill as we do on the first night every year to have dinner near the cabin. For the second year in a row there is a group of fun people also enjoying a weekend away, who as you walk in the door all clap and cheer like crazy for you as if you are a rock star or have just done something amazing. It is awesome and even though they do it for everyone it just feels good. It is so fun and refreshing. I love watching the reactions of others as they come in. Of course we all raise our arms in the air like the champs that we are :) and we high five and cheer with them. What a great idea and a reminder that it doesn't take much to make another persons day. Give it a try next time you are out with a group of friends or family and see how wonderful it feels for everyone! Gotta love fun peeps!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 Years ago today! We laughed and we danced! Our Wedding was not only our favorite day ever but it was also so FUN!!