Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Coaching

 Who, What, When, How?

I have been asked often to explain what exactly is life coaching anyway. So here it is from the perspective of my life coaching practice style.

We all want to live the best, most joyful, easy, purposeful, meaningful, abundant, and FUN life, right? That is what we are all here for! But life sometimes causes us to believe and live in ways that do not promote those values and we end up feeling stuck, unhappy, and/or unfulfilled. Then if we stay there long enough our relationships, our health, our feeling of freedom, and our overall joy and love of life loses some of its luster. We all have times or areas of our lives that we could certainly be experiencing in a more positive way.  

Much as an athletic coach assists their player to play their best game, a life coach assists you in living your best life by being your guide, your cheerleader, and your accountability partner. Coaching helps you gain focus and clarity in moving towards that which you most desire. Life coaching focuses on now and moving forward in the direction of your dreams, not back on where you’ve been.  Life coaching is NOT therapy or counseling, nor is it a casual conversation.

A coach does not tell you what to do. A coach guides and works with you, offering tools and suggestions to assist you in choosing what is best for you and what direction or action you feel inspired to take.  

Hiring someone is a powerful thing to do. When considering hiring a life coach, or any coach for that matter, ask yourself what it would be worth for you to define and realize your dream or that which you desire. What would, improving your current life situation, having more joy and ease, or defining and following through with a desire feel like? Maybe you just want help defining or clarifying exactly what it is you desire or what changes you wish to make in life.  There is incredible value in making a decision for yourself and your life. That is what a life coach is there to do, working together with you offering tools, support, clarity, and guidance.

WHO – Anyone who is FUN, open- minded, and has a desire for improvement in a specific area or just overall in life. Which, by the way, includes those of us who are life coaches, we too hire our own coaches to work with us.
WHAT –Life coaching is a powerful partnership to assist in growth, fulfillment, and living your best life.  
WHEN – Anytime life calls you to want to expand from where you currently are.
HOW – Go to my website: and contact me for a complimentary 20 – 30-minute phone call to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit and would choose to work together.

P.S. … It is FUN to be a coach and to be coached!!!

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