Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Climb that Mountain!

The Backside... (of crossing the pass)!! 

My super amazing husband, Jeremiah and I just hiked the trail from Aspen to Crested Butte on Friday Sept. 11th. on our recent trip to Colorado to celebrate our 5th. Wedding Anniversary and my 55th Birthday.

What an amazing experience it was. And I didn't die! I thought I might as we were heading up the pass.... there is not much air up there ;) The elevation is around 12,500 ft. and we climbed approx. 3000 ft. and close to 12 miles.

This whole experience reaffirmed for me that we really can do SO much more than we think we can. I really wanted to do this hike and felt I was in decent shape to do so, I mean it wasn't Mt. Kilimanjaro or anything, but I had a small, but nagging fear that I would fall apart somehow mid-hike (well I did cry/fall apart once but that is another funny story).  I had been experiencing some hip pain for quite a while and of course as I tried to gear up for the hike prior to heading out there, it had been flaring more intensely than normal. I felt concerned as the day was fast approaching but was doing my best to focus and visualize a great hike and stop allowing the worry to creep in. And if worry did creep in I would focus and try to change the subject... Thank you Law of Attraction!

I will not say it was easy but I will say it was great! My hip was a non-issue pretty much and the main discomfort was the altitude and having to stop every 10 - 20 ft. as we approached the pass, to breathe. Once I relaxed with that, it became suddenly "doable" for me. I am grateful for the experience and hope to do something like it again sometime when as my friend said, like childbirth, I'd forget the pain! :D I believed I could do it, I just had to remove the fear as it came... kind of like it stepped in the path and I had to pick it up and set it aside. Our bodies are able to handle - no thrive - far more than we are taught to believe they can.

I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that frightens you or you think you aren't able to do and shift your thinking about it. Start to actually believe you can.  You will be amazed at what you can do!! No kidding. No matter your age or ability, once you move past a discomfort, and let go of old and untrue beliefs or fear that hold you back, you realize you really can do anything if you truly believe it.

I wish you many adventures!

And if I didn't mention it... Seriously... that was FUN!!

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