Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get Happy Now!

I just love knowing that we can choose in any moment how we want to live. I posted this today on Facebook. I know there will be some who find it frustrating, irritating, or just ridiculous. That is perfectly ok and understandable. We all know life isn't always, do back flips and jump for joy easy, and sometimes we find ourselves feeling negative emotion about life or a situation that it seems will never feel better. That is contrast and it is necessary in life. If we didn't know sad, we wouldn't know happy. It is kind of like if you get really sick and you feel like sh#t, and when you finally feel better it feels really, really good. And some may experience depression or have a situation that makes it harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it is with great love that I share this post as an opportunity for hope even if things feel hopeless. It is what I have come to know and believe as I understand that everything is energy.

The beauty of understanding that we do have more control than we might believe, is that a shift in our thinking will change our energy, which will then change our outcomes, which will then elevate the level of happiness in our life experience, moment by moment, day by day. When you turn a negative thought into one that feels even a little bit better, and tell a better feeling story, you will start to feel the energy shift, and the mood lighten. It takes practice and intention. If you are up for it, set an intention, to pay attention to how you feel and care more about that than anything else, then notice how your life or mood feels lighter, even if only a little bit so.

 When thoughts and beliefs have, for a long time, been mostly focused on how difficult or awful things are, it takes more practice. It all comes down to belief. We are like magnets, and what we believe becomes our reality. It is a fundamental law of the universe. Beliefs are just thoughts that have been practiced for the longest. Consider practicing and shifting a belief you have held for long time, and notice what happens.

It is my intention that anyone who feels ready for more happiness and joy, will feel more hopeful, and perhaps want to try shifting their thoughts, little by little, even in the hardest of times.

May you feel Happy, Now!


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